Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Hexagonal Hole of Modernity – Defamation in an Internet Age: Crookes v. Newton 2011 SCC 47

John Newton owned and operated a website in British Columbia in which he commented about various issues including free speech and the internet. One of the articles he posted was titled “Free Speech in Canada” and within this article were hyperlinks …

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Birthday Blues and Social Host Liability: Sidhu v. Hiebert 2011 BCSC 1364

The last thing Surinder Rattan expected for a birthday gift was a lawsuit. Unfortunately that is exactly what he received. In celebration of his 50th birthday, Surinder Rattan’s family threw a party and invited some of his former schoolmates, including …

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An unbroken chain between dogs and balls: Saanich v. Aviva 2011 BCCA 391

The Court of Appeal, in the recent decision of Saanich (District) v. Aviva Insurance Company of Canada 2011 BCCA 391, addresses the test for finding whether an additional named insured’s liability “arises out of the named insured’s operations or activities”.…

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