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A Recent View from the Bench on the Impact of Work History on Claims for Loss of Earning Capacity

The B.C. Supreme Court recently weighed in on the significance of a Plaintiff’s work history on claims for loss of earning capacity in Riding-Brown v. Jenkins, 2014 BCSC 382.

On June 26, 2009, the Plaintiff, Mr. Riding-Brown, was riding …

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When backseat driving goes too far: no insurance coverage when a passenger intentionally interferes with the driver

The Supreme Court of British Columbia recently considered the question of whether or not a passenger, when intentionally interfering with the driver, could be considered a user or operator of the vehicle such that their actions brought them under the …

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Interpretation of the Standard Non-Owned Automobile Policy

The Standard Non-Owned Automobile Policy is commonly found as part of many insureds’ Commercial General Liability policy (sometimes included as an Endorsement to the CGL policy); however, interpretation of the policy has received little judicial review in B.C.

The typical …

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